House Rules

Here is a list of house rules I use in most of my games.

  • Combat Reflexes costs 5 points. It no longer gives a bonus to defenses, but it allows the purchase of one level each of any of the Enhanced Defenses advantages. By extension, Enhanced Time Sense costs only 35 points.
  • Parabolic Hearing is replaced with a modifier to Acute Hearing. Acute Hearing (Directional, +100%) gives double its usual bonus when focused on a particular sound (equivalent to an Aim maneuver), removes -1/level in penalties due to background noise when focused, and provides +1/level to skills that would not usually be affected by Acute Hearing but that the GM feels would benefit from knowing the precise location of a sound (such as many Tracking rolls, or Targeting a foe you can hear but not see).
  • Disadvantage limits are in effect, in a slightly modified form. You can take up to the limit given for the campaign freely, plus one disadvantage of any value that does not apply to the limit at all.
  • Since a significant benefit of Doesn't Breathe is immunity to respiratory poisons, if you get that immunity from another source, such as Immunity to Metabolic Hazards, Cannot Breathe gets a -25% modifier to cost. Two exceptions: Doesn't Breathe (Gills) doesn't provide any protection against respiratory poisons, so doesn't get any discount. Doesn't Breathe (Oxygen Storage) only protects you in as much as it allows you to hold your breathe longer, so treat Cannot Breathe as a 15-point advantage before applying modifiers.
  • When preparing to attack a target smaller than yourself, the Evaluate maneuver can accumulate a bonus up to the difference in SM or the usual +3, whichever is better, provided the target remains essentially stationary. This allows you to carefully line up to hit a fly.
  • Until the beginning of the third session, all character sheets are considered first drafts, and can be changed fairly freely with GM approval. No complete changes of character concept, but modifying individual traits is generally allowed.

Some house rules need their own pages:

Alternate ST table: I use an alternate ST table that does two things: makes ST based damage a bit more realistic, and makes ST logarithmic to make it align more with the other attributes.
Shamanism: Warning, this is very WiP, and only here to serve as reference!


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